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What To Do If Smoke is Coming From Your Washing Machine

This is something that unfortunately occurs too often as far as safety is concerned. Typically it tends to occur in older model washing machines. However it is potential problem that needs to be addressed because of the potential danger that may accompany it.

One of the likely causes of a washing machine emitting smoke an issue with the electrical motor. If this occurs then you it is very likely you will need someone who is experienced with washing machine repairs. It is not a simple, unplug and restart it type of problem.

If the electrical motor is experiencing a short or there is an issue with a fuse smoke may be produced. If this happens it is important you immediately discontinue the cycle and turn off the washing machine. The machine at this point has become dangerous and should not be operated. Washing machine repairs can very often be undertaken and may fix the issue. It is important though that no further damage is done, or person put at risk.

The best course of action would be to. Turn the washing machine off and keep it off. Disconnect the plug from the wall to ensure no one accidentally tries to use it. Search for washing machine repairs and locate a business who can help you in your area that will be able to address the problem with the machine in a time frame that suits you.

Then decide to scrap it or repair it. If you somehow decided to just turn it off and leave it for a few days hoping it would somehow be okay, would you feel comfortable using it in the future? Getting someone in who can perform the necessary washing machine repairs will help you save in the long run both time and money. It may be fixable – saving you money. Or it may be done and you will need a new machine – at least you will know and be able to save time rather than dragging it out over weeks or months.

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